Friday, July 02, 2010

Drops in the Bucket

Sometimes when we are working towards a goal or trying to change something in our lives, we can get discouraged by the slow pace at which things seem to change.

When I'm feeling frustrated at my seeming lack of progress in any endeavor, I remember that if I put an empty bucket out in the rain... it will eventually fill with water.

Each drop individually, doesn't make that large of a contribution. Collectively, over time, those apparently insignificant drops do the impossible and fill the bucket to overflowing!

If we get frustrated and cover the bucket, feeling that there is 'no use' in letting the drops fall in the bucket, of course, it can never fill.

We need to patiently let the drops fall in the bucket. It will eventually produce the desired result.

Whatever you aim to do, or set out to achieve, be patient with yourself and apply consistent, ongoing effort.

You WILL get there!