Thursday, July 08, 2010

Closing Doors

I'm in a real season of 'finishing up' things right now. A big flurry of activity has just come to an end, so I find that I am in the mood for completion!

I've had a card sitting on my desk since Christmas time that needed to be answered. It crosses my mind every couple weeks, and I feel frustrated that I haven't handled it yet. I answered it today!

I had a very unpleasant customer service with a company, and have been wanting to write a letter to let management know about how my situation was handled. Finally, I took care of that today!

About a dozen other tasks that have been 'hanging over my head' were completed today. I'm now able to put away these files, and release some things from my mind.

It feels wonderful to close doors that have been slightly ajar for the past many months. I didn't neglect these things out of procrastination. I didn't avoid them intentionally. I've just been very busy and focused elsewhere.

Today, however, it just felt like a day to finish things up. So I did. Suddenly, I feel lighter and more 'available.' It feels like I have freed up energy that has been tied up in these 'in process' tasks.

I highly recommend 'completion days.' Just take a day, or a few hours here and there, and finish up all the things that are lurking around the corners of your life. Then, allow yourself to disconnect from those tasks and move on.

Closing doors allow us to move forward through newly opened doors with full energy and enthusiasm!