Wednesday, April 09, 2008

An Answer Comes

Today, the man who mows and edges my lawn answered my prayers.

I recently had to replace my mailbox. I was informed by my mail man that I had to get a larger locking mail box. It's complicated, but my mailbox was not adequate, and the postal service was no longer willing to deliver oversized packages to my door BECAUSE I had a locking mailbox. He claimed that if I got a larger mailbox, with a capacity to handle bigger packages, I would be shown leniency.

I get a lot of packages. Going to the post office to pick them up is not convenient. So, for the 4th time since moving into this house I got a new mailbox. (Just trust me when I say it's been a saga.)

At any rate, I purchased the new mailbox, and I hired my mowing/edging man to remove my old mailbox, and install my new one.

This was accomplished. My mailman is deliriously happy, and my mail woes are resolved.

I have had the old mailbox, attached to a post (with a huge chunk of concrete around the post) sitting in my flower bed for the past few weeks. I have been wondering what I would do with this perfectly good mailbox, that was burdened with the concrete-laden post.

Today, my doorbell rang, and the guy who mows and edges my lawn, asked if one of his employees could have this used mailbox!

I was elated! I didn't want to throw it away. I hate to waste things! And yet, I didn't know where to go to provide a useful home for this mailbox!

Now, the mailboxd has a home. I don't have to throw it away or try to find someone to take it off my hands. Sometimes things just work out! :) This was one of those wonderful events!

I had the intention of finding a good home for the mailbox... and the good home... came to me! :)

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