Friday, April 18, 2008

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

I believe that we are given messages from the universe to let us know when we are where we are supposed to be or when we are following the right track. How this happens is different for everyone. Some people are keyed in to their 'way' of receiving these messages, others are not.

For me, I have a variety of methods for receiving 'universal confirmation' of my path. Within the past couple days, for example, I've had two occasions where I knew who someone was talking about, long before the person I was speaking with identified them in conversation.

I was speaking with my friend in Jerusalem, and he started talking about an interview he was going to conduct with the head of "Women in Black" which is a group that protests against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. I had no rational knowledge of who heads up Women in Black, but a woman's name popped into my head. I met this particular woman about 8 years ago, when on a trip to the Middle East. She was a peace activist, and part of an organization, but I know it wasn't Women in Black! Her name stayed there in my mind and I finally asked my friend for the name of the person he was telling me about. It was the same woman!

It always sends a little shiver up my back when that happens. There's no way I *should* have known who he was talking about and yet, I did!

Yesterday, I was working out at the gym with my trainer, and she started talking about scrap booking using the Creative Memories product line. I have used Creative Memories "photo slips" for various projects that I do (although I'm not a scrap booker). I asked my trainer if she sold Creative Memories stuff and she said no, but that she had a couple of clients who do. She mentioned the first name of a woman who sells the product line and comes to the gym and said she'd have to introduce us. I knew who she was talking about. She was talking about the only person I had ever purchased Creative Memories products from! I confirmed that with her and I got another shiver. There are a lot of people who sell Creative Memories products, and the one she wanted to introduce me to is the one I'd already been dealing with!

Those types of things may seem small, but to me, they reveal a deeper set of operating wisdom at work in my life and in the universe. There is some level of orchestration going on all the time of where I go, who I meet and what I do. These sorts of synchronistic happenings really strengthen my faith that all is well and I'm right where I need to be.

We become more aware of these sorts of messages when we look for them and acknowledge them when they do occur. The more we train ourselves to receive... the more will come our way.

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