Monday, April 21, 2008

J. D. Martin

I want to share someone very special with you today. J. D. Martin is an amazingly talented musician. I met him several years ago at the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL)in Seattle. He was performing there. The first song I heard him sing was "World of Peace." I was hooked! I have heard him perform several times at CSL since that day.

JD and his partner Jan Garrett have many wonderful CDs, but I'm particularly attached to his "One Heart" CD. It is filled with amazing songs that speak directly to the heart about our human family and how we are all connected.

I have purchased dozens of copies of this particular CD and have gifted them to many people here in the US and in the middle east. People always respond positively to JD's music... whether they can understand the words or not! I swear, something in JD's presence and energy comes through the music directly to the heart.

I once was sitting with an Arab family in a village called Dir Hanna and we were listening to JD's CD. The father in the family started tapping his toes and moving to the music when the song, "Love is Waiting" came on. He gave me a beaming smile and said in his limited broken English, "This man... he has good heart. I can feel!" Indeed.

If you don't own "One Heart" you should! If you ever have the opportunity to hear JD and Jan sing... you MUST.

I hope to see them both again soon... they are true gifts to our planet. They are participating in the healing of the world... with every note they sing! :)

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JD, Nola and Jan at Center for Spiritual Living

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