Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Slow It Down!

I read my horoscope the other day, and was reminded to consider the following thought:

"It would be a good idea to remember you are only human after all, and not an action figure."

I loved this. Sometimes I expect so much of myself it isn't at all realistic. I actually do think that I expect myself to be like an action figure or a super hero sometimes. I expect myself to absorb endless extra burdens and responsibilities and never skip a beat. This simply isn't realistic.

Human life is complicated and requires energy. To live it in a way that is satisfying and fulfiling, we need balance. We can't go go go continuously and experience joy and satisfaction. Sometimes we need to pause and just enjoy the ride.

Especially when we are going through challenges, or incorporating new experiences into our life. Those things require extra energy, and it isn't realistic to expect ourselves to just absorb the additional energy expenditure and not ease up on anything else. Something's gotta give!

My horoscope was a good reminder that I am, in fact, a human being. We all are. We are not meant to go like the energizer bunny without ever resting or incorporating fun and balance into our days.

So, today, I have adoped the new mantra... "I'm a HUMAN... not an action figure" to help remind me that sometimes I need to cut myself some slack.

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