Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gone Fishin'

We are all familiar with the image of the sign hanging on the door of some one's business establishment that says, "Gone Fishin'" right?

Today I have a sign hanging on my door that says, "Gone Gamblin'" :)

I'm off on a little mini vacation... gambling in Reno. It is a tradition for me. I used to bring my father every father's day. Now I sometimes come with friends, and much more rarely, I come alone.

So, I'm here reliving some good memories of times with my father... lots of fun and too many laughs to count.

Video poker is my game... and I'm in search of that royal flush!

I'm a conservative and disciplined gambler... so no need for worries of me not having the cash to return home!

Sometimes you just need to cut loose a little... and that's what I'm doing today!

Happy trails!!

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