Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Bird's Eye View

I love anything that gets me out of my normal way of viewing life. I recently had the opportunity to go up on the tram in Palm Springs California. This tram ride takes you up into the mountains, to an elevation of 8500 feet. It is typically 40 degrees cooler up there than it is in Palm Springs below. The day I went, it reached 104 degrees in Palm Springs, but was in the mid 60's at the top of the tram route. It was lovely.

Here's a link to their website: Palm Springs Tram

Whenever I have the opportunity to take one of these sorts of trips I'm amazed at how different things look from up high. Things that seem huge from below are minuscule when looked at from far above them. Details are lost, and a grander more comprehensive view is available.

I like to think of physically gaining elevation on a trip like this, as a metaphor for raising our level of thinking about the circumstances and situations in our lives. It can be enormously beneficial to step back and gain a little distance and perspective on situations in our lives that are challenging or perplexing to us. Often patterns emerge when we view things from a distance, or from far above. Sometimes we see things we miss when we are lost in the forest for the trees!

Next time you have the opportunity to go up in an elevator, an airplane, a tall building, or go up in the mountains, let yourself really experience how different 'things below' seem from up there! Invoke that same sense of 'raising your awareness' to new heights in how you view and interpret the happenings in your life! You'll be surprised at what you see!

My friend Kim and I in the mountains above Palm Springs California

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