Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Life of Choices

I'm sitting in one of my favorite restaurants writing articles. I do this frequently. I love to write in environments where I'm comfortable and where life is happening all around me. OK, I could do without the screaming children... but it's a small price to pay for getting to observe life in action.

I was tempted to order a number of different items for my lunch today. A turkey burger, a chicken pot pie, quiche... the possibilities were endless. I did a bit of indulging earlier this week, because it was my birthday. I ate a lot of things I don't normally allow myself to eat. (Like Eggs Benedict 2 days in a row!) My jeans are fitting a little more snugly than I'd like and I'm aware that I had a little 'spurt' of not making the most healthy choices for my long term well being.

As I contemplated my menu choices today, I thought about that. I believe that our lives are comprised of literally thousands and thousands of choices. Moment by moment we construct our lives with the choices we make.

When it comes to our health, our decisions around diet and exercise are vitally important. When talking about a meal or doing our workout, no one decision is enough to make our break our health. It's what we do over the long haul that will determine our level of health and well being!

Working out for 3 hours one day and not again for a month, isn't as beneficial as working out every day for 20 or 30 minutes.

Eating an indulgent meal now and then will not cause us huge harm, but eating a cheeseburger every day year after year will eventually take it's toll.

As I looked at the menu, I realized that, in general I do pretty well with my food choices but this week I've been a little over the top with high fat and rich foods. It's easy for me to get rolling down that slippery slope and think 'what the heck... I deserve it... right?' All my favorites were sitting there staring at me from the pages of that menu. It would be easy to continue the streak of indulgence.

Today I ordered grilled veggie skewers that came with rice and lightly dressed salad. This one choice does not define my life, but I like to think it is one of the many healthy choices I have made and will make that will cultivate a long and healthy future.

It does no good to beat ourselves up for what we did yesterday. I'm not sorry for my eggs Benedict days! I can, however, get 'back on track' with my eating choices so that I feel my best and have the energy to conduct my full and busy life!

Thinking in terms of small choices made over time takes some of the pressure off! Very few things in life hinge on a single decision (although, some do I know). Most often, we have thousands of chances to make a better choice. Each moment is a new opportunity to make a better choice and step on to a better path!

Happy choice making!

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