Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! It's an opportunity for us to celebrate and appreciate this beautiful planet that we call home.

I'm a big believer in expressing appreciation for gifts in this life. The earth is a gift that all of us share. The physical sustenance it provides, water to drink, shelter, resources to clothe ourselves and so much more!

I have a way of celebrating earth day that I've been doing for many years. I like to do 3 distinct earth day commemorations.

1. I like to participate in some kind of community activity aimed at taking care of the planet and helping other people appreciate it. There are lots of Earth Day organizations that hold community activities. In past years I have worked on park cleanups, planting native plants in open spaces, cleaning invasive species out of greenbelts, etc. It is fun to get together with other people and do something for the good of the planet and the larger community!

2. Next, I like to do something in my immediate location - near my home. Usually this involves picking up litter along the roads closest to where I live. Again - it shows respect and appreciation for the natural environment, and it helps other people to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape - free of garbage!

3. Finally, I look for one change I can make in my household to reduce my 'footprint' as I travel through life. One year I started using worm composting bins (which is a really neat way to dispose of kitchen scraps and turn them into 'black gold' compost!) Read about worm bin composting here: Cornell University's Worm Bin Composting Site.

Another year I improved my recycling practices (this was a looooong time ago) to reduce the waste stream from the house. Replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient varieties is another great idea! Anything that reduces energy consumption or the waste stream out of the household is a good option!

Every day should be earth day, but on this specific day (or anytime this week or this coming weekend) think about ways that you can celebrate and honor the earth - in your household, your immediate vicinity and the larger community!

Happy Earth Day!

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