Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wandering Time

Everyone knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Yet, in human endeavors, it is rare that we ever go straight from point A to point B in pursuit of our goals and dreams.

We wander. We get lost. We make wrong turns. We backtrack. We go in circles sometimes. And often we just stand still because we don't know where to go.

There is some value in the wandering time. We often don't see that value in the frustration of 'not being there yet.' Yet, there is something happening 'in us' during this time that is essential to our spiritual and personal progression. We are BECOMING something in the time of wandering.

Humans tend to be pretty impatient. We like to get things done and move right along. Yet, as one of my teachers likes to say, we have to respect the reality of the natural cycle of things. We must sow our seeds, then there is a long period of T-I-M-E, then we reap the harvest. It isn't possible to sow the seeds and immediately harvest a crop.

Once the seeds are planted, a lot happens under the ground that we cannot see. To the observer, it might seem that nothing is happening at all. But with water and sunlight, the seeds germinate and sprout, roots are formed, and a plant eventually pushes up through the soil.

If we planted tomato seeds, and don't understand the process, we might be a little perplexed at the little green sprout that pops out of the ground. Hopefully we don't stomp on it screaming, "That's not a tomato! That isn't what I wanted!!"

The plant needs to grow. The plant needs to put on flowers. Those flowers need to be pollinated. The tiny green tomatoes need to set. Then they grow larger and finally, at long last, start to turn red and resemble what we wanted when we placed the seeds in the soil!

That process takes time. If you try to eliminate any of the pieces of the process you will not get your harvest.

Our times of wandering in our lives are much like the process that is occurring in the planted seeds below the ground. It may 'seem' like nothing is happening, but there is an essential process taking place that will eventually get us to where we are going.

Enjoy the wandering time and trust that something vital is occurring throughout it. Soon, you'll be harvesting a crop and enjoying the fruits of your labors!

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