Thursday, April 16, 2009

Never Too Old

I'm truly inspired by Valerie Bertinelli and her amazing weight loss and transformation. I have to say, that seeing her in that cute green bikini on the cover of People magazine did my heart good! With that "Bikini Body at 48!" headline, I was inspired by the courage she showed to get into that suit and be photographed and filmed! Way to go Valerie!

Since I'm close to Valerie's age, I must say I don't feel that 48 is old! Not by any stretch, but I do know that culturally speaking, appearing in a bikini at 48 isn't something that most of us women would do!

I saw Valerie on Rachel Ray's talk show the other day, and she revealed what she did to get ready for the photo shoot and the filming of the Jenny Craig commercial where she appeared in the bikinis. She was working out 2-3 hours a day for a period of time to get 'that' body. She knows that isn't sustainable, but she is committed to her on going fitness, and even if she doesn't keep those abs of steel, she'll feel and look great.

I personally love that she took on such a challenge and did it! It was a physical challenge that required her to work with her diet and her exercise program. It was also an internal psychological challenge, to overcome the self consciousness of revealing so much of her body to the public and allowing all her 48+ years of life experience to show with no hiding! I think its fabulous!

I still have 3 years to get my bikini body! (Ha ha... that is a joke by the way). It is nice to know that it's possible!

Thank you Valerie! You inspire and encourage me!

Here's a link to People magazine's online article about this:

Valerie Bertinelli Back in Bikini for 49th Birthday!

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