Tuesday, August 04, 2009

At Long Last The Rod is Gone

There is no greater satisfaction than taking care of something that has been nagging at you for the longest time.

Since I moved in to my house and landscaped it 9 years ago, I've had a problem. One of the trees that I brought in had a metal rod sticking out of the root ball, close to the trunk. The rod was about the thickness of a pencil and about 4 feet high.

Every time I weeded around this tree for the past 9 years, I've tried to pull out that metal rod. There was just no way it was going to come out.

I asked my landscapers (who brought in the tree, and the metal rod) to remove it. They never did it. I probably asked them a dozen times.

I've asked other people who work in my yard for help. I think everyone had the same problem. It was impossible to 'pull it out' and no one had the right tool to do it.

I went to home depot this past weekend and bought a bolt cutter. After 9 years of feeling aggravated and irritated EVERY time I looked at that bent metal rod... it is now GONE. Well, it's in the trash, but it will soon be gone.

I kept waiting for someone to help me. I kept waiting for someone to care as much about my problem as I did. It just never happened. In the end, I needed to take responsibility, acquire the proper tool, and take care of it.

Done deal.

No one cares as much about your life or your problems as you do. Nor should they. It's fine to ask for help, but ultimately, the responsibility for yourself is yours.

Got any annoying metal rods sticking out of your life? Get the bolt cutter... and go to town. Believe me, it feels AMAZING when you finally deal with it!