Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling Depleted

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling depleted in some way, you just can’t be present for others in the way that you’d like to?

I’m sitting here writing in my favorite restaurant, and I can feel that my temper is quite short today. I’m just irritable. I love iced tea, but I really like it with a LOT of ice in it. I eat at this restaurant several times a week, and know most of the waiters and waitresses. They know me too! Most of them know to keep my tea well iced, and/or to bring me an extra glass of ice from the get go.

My waiter today is someone I’ve had serve me many times before. My glass, at the moment, is almost completely ice-free. I feel quite annoyed. He knows better. I have asked him to bring more ice, but he’s taking his time about it.

Normally, I would be able to take this in stride and it wouldn’t bother me so much. Today, however, I can feel that my fuse is shorter than usual.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. That’s part of it. I’m a person who REALLY needs their sleep.

I think, too, that I’ve been extraordinarily busy lately and haven’t had the same amount of time to myself that I usually have.

Quite simply, my personal batteries haven’t been charged up the way they normally are. I feel more susceptible to the little bumps and bruises of life. What I normally wouldn’t even notice, feels like a big, big deal.

That being said, I had a big plan for my day today. I already went hiking, and I’m about to have my lunch while I do some writing. After that I was planning to work in my garden, pay bills and catch up on a bunch of housework. Given my current state of mind, however, I’m going to change my plan.

After I finish lunch and my writing, I’m going to take a scenic drive on my way home and then I’m going to meditate for a while in my garden. I might even take a little nap. Then, with the time I have left in my day, I’ll do what I can on my list.

Recharging is important. We need to take the time to nurture ourselves and our own needs in order to give the best we have to give to life and those around us. It may seem selfish, but it’s actually a gift to everyone!

Take time to recharge your batteries and nurture yourself. The rest of us will appreciate it!