Thursday, August 20, 2009

What We Eat For Love

I was watching an old movie called, 'The Accidental Tourist' last night. There are many aspects of this movie that I love. The one I want to focus on, however, is related to the lead character's sister. Her name is Rose. She is an older, unmarried woman, living and caring for her 3 brothers. She begins to fall in love with the employer of one of the brothers.

On Thanksgiving, the sister's 'love interest' is invited to dinner with the family.

The brothers discover that Rose has cooked the stuffed turkey at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyone who has ever cooked a turkey knows that this is not sufficient.

One of the brothers announces that "The turkey may have been cooked at an inadequate temperature."

The sister becomes indignant and upset.

The 'love interest,' Julian, eats two big helpings of the turkey because he wants to prove his love to Rose.

What he ate for love.

I was once touring in the middle east and was taken to a Bedouin Arab encampment. The women there made feta cheese. It was part of what provided their livelihood. They were very proud of their cheese. They gave me and all my party each a bite to eat. My guide cautioned me in English, "I wouldn't eat that if I were you. It's not pasteurized. You could get really sick." These women didn't speak English. I smiled and said to my guide, "Why didn't you tell me BEFORE I took the cheese?" He said, "I didn't think you would take it."

I then told the others in my party NOT to eat the cheese. The women were looking at me. I said I would eat the cheese while the women watched me, then my party members could discreetly dispose of their cheese.

I knew I could get ill. I was willing to risk it. I did not want to offend these women. They were offering me the best that they had to offer. I wanted to honor their generosity. Even if it meant getting sick.

I ate the cheese, and it was delicious. What I ate for love.

I never did get sick. I'm glad I ate the cheese.

Sometimes we have to do things for those we love that we would otherwise not choose to do. We do so willingly. We do it for love.

Love is powerful. It is a great and powerful force. Let it work in your life. It can change the world!