Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Joy of Dirty Clothes

I'm what I would call a 'light user' of my clothes. Rarely do they feel or look dirty. Sometimes when I'm doing laundry I feel like it's almost a waste of time.

Lately, with our Seattle heat wave, my hiking and all my yard work - I've been using my clothes very, very well.

I honestly can't believe how much I've been sweating! My clothes have been ready for the washer without a single doubt!

I've finally felt good about doing my laundry. I've been doing it a lot more often too. Clothes are not 're wearable' with the heat and the activities I've been doing!

I guess it appeals to the Russian peasant, farmer in me! I love to work hard and work up a good sweat. Physical exertion just feels good! Whether I've hiked up a mountain or worked in my garden, it feels good to make use of my body and achieve something. My pile of dirty clothes at the end of it all, shows me what I've done!

It reminds me of my days picking strawberries and working on the farm. There was nothing better than getting all dirty and going to jump in the river after work. I still remember how great that felt!

Hard work can be very rewarding. In this world where there is so much emphasis on convenience and technology, it is sometimes most satisfying to get your hands (and the rest of you) dirty and do something physically challenging!

Enjoy your laundry!