Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Beauty of Rest

I've been hanging out with some younger folks lately. It has been a wonderful, stimulating experience. I've had a lot of adventures and done a lot of hard work. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to hang out with younger people and get infected with their enthusiasms and energy.

What I've also noticed is that expending all that energy gets me very tired. It's a good tired. A day well spent is a true gift. At the end of each day, I've felt like I squeezed every drop out of the opportunities I was presented with. There was really nothing left!

Rest feels best when you've earned it. When you can't take another step, the chance to sit down and put your feet up is the best thing in the entire world!!

I appreciate the fact that our bodies are created to expend immense energy AND to rest deeply. We are created to need sleep and rest. We can't live without it!

Honoring both the need for activity AND for rest is very important to health and well being.

I'm taking a day off tomorrow. I've been busy with young folks for the past 12 days! I'm ready for a nice rest, and I intend to revel in it!