Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 6th Birthday Bunch

Today is my birthday! Every year the president of the nation delivers the 'state of the union' address. I feel that it is important on the day of our birth to pause and reflect on the "state of our life." It's like our own personal 'new years' event. We have the ability to course correct at any time, but our birthday provides a powerful opportunity to accomplish this!

I attended the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. My class had about 70 people in it. Each student was assigned to a Dean who reviewed and evaluated our work.

One day, after class, I was walking out of the building with my Dean, Stephanie. We had decided to go out for a drink after class. As we walked along the sidewalk in NYC, another classmate walked with us.

Stephanie and I had already gotten to know each other somewhat during the course of the school year. We were chatting about just how similar we were and she said, "I keep forgetting to ask you when your birthday is?" I told her it was April 6th, and her jaw dropped open. "So is mine!" she exclaimed.

The other student walking with us said, "It's mine too!!!!" The three of us women were walking shoulder to shoulder along the street and we all had the same birthday.

But it gets even better.

One of the male students in our class was walking behind us. He said, "SO IS MINE!!!!!"

All four of us had the same birthday. Three classmates and one of our class Deans!

The next day in class we told that story to our classmates during open sharing. At that moment, another Dean let us know that it was her birthday as well!

Later we learned that one of the distance learners in our class also had April 6th as a birthday!

That made 4 students out of 70 with the same birthday and 2 out of 4 Deans!

It was pretty amazing!!

I've heard that Mormons believe Jesus was born on April 6th. :)

All I know is that, to me, it is a special and important day. It's the day I came into this life.

On this day, I'm asking myself a lot of questions about the contributions I've made, the goals I've achieved and the experiences I've had. I expect to see and do a lot more before I'm done here.

Today is my personal "Happy New Year's Day!"