Monday, April 26, 2010

Endurance is Required

"Nothing great was ever done without much enduring." ~ Catherine of Siena

Anything worthwhile in life requires energy, effort and patience. It also requires us to endure a lot of uncertainty and sometimes difficulty.

Many people wait for good fortune to fall out of the sky and land on them. This is not the normal way that good enters our life!

If we expect things to come to us without effort and action, we will live a life filled with disappointment and failure.

Success and achievement come from action, focus, determination and the willingness to endure all the obstacles, pitfalls and challenges that will come along the way.

I've said before that there are many things in my life that I probably would have never undertaken, had I known just how complicated and time consuming they would be!

I think that's why it's merciful that we don't know all that will be required of us when we take on brand new projects! If we did, we might be crushed under the weight of all that is to come. Instead, it is best to just get started, and then NOT allow ourselves to be turned around when we start to hit the challenges along the way!

Challenges will come! Obstacles will come! It's all part of the process. To get to our destination... we must endure!