Friday, April 02, 2010

Quick Transitions

Two weeks ago, I took my niece to the beach for a few days of her spring break. We had such a great time! One of the amazing things about our trip was how the weather cooperated with us.

On our drive to the beach, it sprinkled rain on us intermittently. I worried a bit about the next few days. Would we be able to get out on the beach at all? Did I bring enough indoor activity to occupy us if it rained the entire time?

As we pulled in to the little beach town where we were going to stay, the clouds began to break up and the sun came out. By the time we checked in to our condo, it was rather pleasant outside. We seized the opportunity to take a walk on the beach. I secretly thought to myself that this might be our only 'good weather' the entire time we were there. I had, after all, checked the weather report, and it looked pretty dreary for the duration of our stay.

After our walk, we went to dinner. The sun was still shining, and our drive to the restaurant, and walk around town was perfect. Once we got back to our condo, within seconds, it began to pour down rain! Then the wind began to blow! We had ourselves a full blown storm. We sat inside and enjoyed the raging storm as we did a jigsaw puzzle.

In the morning, we went out for breakfast, and watched buckets of rain pour down outside the restaurant window! I wondered if we would get bored being inside all day.

Once again, however, when we drove back to the condo, the clouds parted, the sun came out and it turned into a gloriously beautiful day! We took a long walk on the beach in the sunshine. It wasn't even windy!

It was amazing how each time we were 'ready' to do something outside, the weather cooperated and cleared up. Whenever we were safe and warm inside, we had rain and wind storms!

The transitions were incredibly rapid. The changes happened so quickly.

Each time the weather got bad, I worried a little about our next planned outdoor activity. That was wasted energy! The bad weather eventually passed, and we were able to get out and do what we wanted to do.

It reminded me of one of my all time favorite sayings, "This too shall pass."

Things change. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good things, and certainly not the 'bad' things.

When we're in the midst of a difficult time, we need to remember that it WILL pass.