Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unknown Influence

"Influence often isn’t noticed until it blossoms later in the garden of someone else’s life. Our words and actions may land close to home, or they may be carried far and wide." ~ Pam Farrel

we never know who we might be influencing at any given moment in time. Sometimes our words and actions have ripple affects that reach out far beyond our wildest imaginings.

I once had a college intern working for me as an administrator in my software company. Many years after she had worked for me, I ran into her on the street in Seattle. We had a nice chat over lunch and caught up on all the twists and turns in life that we had each experienced.

She proceeded to tell me that working for me had really helped her become a detail oriented high achiever. She had thought that I was 'too picky' when she worked for me, but I insisted on high quality work product and she complied. Over the years, she said that the skills I helped her develop had really had a positive impact on her career.

Who knew. I simply was being me, and requiring what I needed from an employee. For her, that had been a benefit and had served as a positive influence!

You matter. How you treat people is important. How you conduct your affairs has consequences beyond the immediate and the obvious.