Friday, May 07, 2010

Do Good Works

Do all the good you can,
by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can.
~ John Wesley

Being the granddaughter of a Methodist minister, I have a soft spot in my heart for John Wesley. He was, along with his brother Charles, the founder of the Methodist movement.

This particular quote is one of my favorites. It is a grand guiding principle for one's life. If everyone on the planet lived from this idea, can you imagine the world we would live in?

The good we do doesn't have to be grand - any good act qualifies. Even if we simply set a goal to do one or two good things a day, we could start a goodness revolution on our planet!

See what you can do to add to the revolution!