Friday, May 14, 2010

Make Way For Beauty

At the moment, I have a rather large plant, a foxglove, growing in a very inconvenient spot in my garden. It sprouted last year, right next to my driveway where people get out of their cars. Foxgloves are interesting native plants in my neck of the woods. They produce only leaves in the first year of life. In their second and final year, they produce tall spikes of flowers that range in color from white to purple.

I never kill foxgloves. I let them grow freely in my woodland garden. usually, they grow out in the wild areas of my yard, or in large flower beds where their tall and somewhat gangly size is easily accommodated.

This plant next to my driveway is, well, it's "in the way." It is not a good place for a plant to exist! Even so, when it emerged as a small shrub last year, I didn't have the heart to pull it up and end it's life. I suppose I could have tried to relocate it, but I didn't have the time.

To me, it means something that the plant decided to grow there. It isn't convenient for me, but the plant is going to give the gift of great beauty. I wanted to let this plant give it's gift, even if it wasn't in the most easily accommodated spot!

This year, my patience will pay off. I'll get to see a magnificent spectacle when it blooms. It will give it's gift, then it will quietly fade away. It will, as it dies, produce many seeds to sow new foxglove plants where they find hospitable soil and other needed growing conditions. Life will go on. I will let the seeds determine where that will occur.

I find a powerful reminder in this phenomenon. I am not in control. I allow nature to determine where this particular variety of plant shows up in my garden. I like to be reminded that, although I can affect many aspects of my life, some things remain beyond my ability (or desire) to control!

We need to make way for the mysteries of life. Sometimes, we need to allow things to unfold whether it is convenient... or not. In doing so, we experience far more beauty and wonder in this life.

I will thoroughly enjoy my 'in the way' foxglove this summer. Each time I look at it, I will remember that it brings a gift and a message. I will appreciate it - each and every day.