Monday, May 10, 2010

Making a Memory

"You never know when you are making a memory." ~ Rickie Lee Jones

Sometimes I'm amazed that I seem to remember the strangest things about my life! I can remember snipets in time that seem totally mundane at one level, yet somehow they really impressed me.

I remember sitting with my dog, early on Saturday mornings watching cartoons before anyone else got up in the house. I loved those peaceful quiet times with my pooch.

I vividly recall moments I spent fishing with my dad, driving in his truck with him, drinking coffee like a 'big girl' together with him at the dining room table of our house.

Some negative things creep in too. I'll never forget spilling a soda on him at Disneyland, dropping an ice cream cone in his truck, or him scolding me for goofing around at the "Pine Lodge" Chinese restaurant one night when he lost his patience for my childish antics.

The truth is, that we never know which things will remain in our memories forever, and which things will get tossed out.

No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but it behooves us to remember the power of memory when we are dealing with people we care about, especially children. Some things live on far longer than we could ever imagine!

Treat every moment as though it might linger in your memory forever. What would you want to remember? Some things, we have no control over... this is true. But for those things that we do have dominion over, let's use our power as wisely as possible.

Make good memories whenever possible! If something is unfolding differently than you'd like, see what you can do to change it so that the memory can have some pleasantness included in it!