Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Pushed out of the Nest

When we watch birds in flight, it looks so remarkably easy! Birds make flying look so effortless. It's natural, fluid... remarkable!

Yet, long before they demonstrate flying prowess, all birds start out hatching from an egg, and need to be tended to and cared for in the nest. They grow larger and stronger in the nest, until the day comes for them to take their first flight.

Do you think that all birds just leap willingly out of their nests for their initial flight? I have to believe, and nature proves out, that some birds do not willingly fling themselves out of their nest. No, in fact, many birds must be pushed out by their wise and loving parents!

Life often plays this role in our experiences. Sometimes we are literally 'forced' to deal with situations that we would never willingly leap into. Yet, these experiences can be the greatest instruments of our transformation and growth.

Next time you find yourself in 'over your head' or being flung into a situation that you don't feel prepared for, remember that life is most likely giving you a nice firm push out of your cushy little nest. It's time for you to fly, and you can't do it while you're hanging out in the nest.

Take flight - either on your own volition... or when tossed out of the nest! It doesn't matter how the journey begins, as long as you go! Just remember to flap those wings!