Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is Coming

Tis the season. Christmas is right around the corner. There are gifts to wrap, cookies to bake and fudge to make. There is a tree to put up and decorate. Many rituals and traditions swirl around us at this time of year. It can be magical. It can also be stressful.

This year, with people struggling financially, many people are simplifying their holidays. I certainly am not doing my normal routine. Gift giving is scaled back, and as it turns out, some of my decorating will be scaled back as well.

This may feel like a 'loss' to some, but I think there is a great opportunity here. Sometimes the holidays are so stress filled and overwhelming that it can leave us exhausted and depleted. That's not what Christmas is supposed to be about!

Christmas and holidays are meant to be times when we look deeper within ourselves and appreciate all that we've been given in this life. It is a time to cherish our family and friends and enjoy being together. It's a time to let each other know how we feel about each other. Somehow we turned this into a commercial purchasing-fest.

It's much more important to share ourselves with the ones we love. That's what the holidays should be about. That's what we have the opportunity to make them about!

Let's use this 'lean' holiday season as an opporunity to return to the heart and soul of life. Let people know how you feel about them. Express your appreciation for those in your life who make it better and happier. Don't buy gifts... give of yourself. Give of your time. Give of your emotions. Share what matters with those that matter.

Happy Holidays! Relax... and enjoy the season!

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