Thursday, December 11, 2008

Journey Back To Jerusalem

I had a delightful visit in the north of Israel... and made the journey back to Jersualem 2 days ago.

I spent two nights in Rosh Pina, with my friends Orna and Yair Moore. I wrote about their work in Safed/Tsfat yesterday.

After I left them on Tuesday and headed to my friend Azmi's village, Daburreya. Daburreya is an Arab village that sits at the bottom of Mt. Tabor. Mt Tabor is where Jesus transfigured before some of the disciples.

I stopped by, intending to spend just a short time, but that never works! I hadn't been there for a year and being a holiday, everyone in Azmi's family was around!

What was supposed to be a 1 hour visit turned into 4 hours. I got to see Azmi's mom and dad, several of his brothers, sisters in law and a ton of kids!

It was a nice visit. I took more photos of the kids and am now ready to make the collages for them. It is a project I do every time I visit here. I usually come every 6 months and have been taking pictures of Azmi's kids since they were born. We have quite a photographic history of their short little lives!

Here is a picture of Azmi, his wife Suha, and their three kids:

Here are some pictures of me with the kids:

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