Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Expand Your Horizons with FOOD

Getting in to a rut is so easy to do. Most people are somewhat comforted by routine, or by a certain amount of predictability. It's normal.

We can greatly limit our experience of life, however, if we allow ourselves to settle in to too much repetition and starve ourselves of adventure and variety.

There are many ways to challenge this tendency. One of the easiest ways is with trying new foods.

we live in a wonderfully diverse world. There are more kinds of cuisine that can even be counted! The variations in colors, flavors, textures and presentation are endless.

How about setting a goal to try some completely new food every month? More often would be even better, but choose an interval that is 'doable' for you.

Go to a restaurant and try an entirely new type of cuisine. Go to a restaurant you've been to before and try something you've never had before. Go to a market that carries a particular type of food and pick something new to try. Go down a the ethnic foods aisle at your local grocery store and see what new things you can find. Try a new fruit... vegetable... fish... whatever you feel like sampling!

It's really great to do this with kids too. The earlier you start introducing kids to new and different foods, the better. You can model a healthy and curiosity driven approach to eating that will set the tone for a lifetime!

It really is a very easy way to 'rock your world' and break down the tendency to 'settle in' to a mundane, boring routine.

BUST LOOSE! Try some new kind of food and expand your horizons!

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