Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Purse Full of Intuition

I have another intuition story to share. Yesterday, I was driving home from a weekend visit to my mother's house. The drive is about 4 hours total. I needed to get gas along the way and I also wanted to get some lunch. I decided to stop at a fast food place I like and grab a turkey burger and some iced tea.

It's important to understand, that I am a creature of habit. I like routine. I've done this particular drive a thousand times. I have regular stops for gas and food along the way. Rarely do I deviate from my normal stops.

As I approached the restaurant, I noticed a gas station right next door. It's not one of 'my' stations, but I had the conscious thought, "I should go there for gas after I get my lunch."

I went in to the restaurant and ordered a turkey burger and iced tea. I sat down in a chair next to a table to wait for my order. I had my purse in my lap and started to set it on the table, which would be a normal thing for me to do. I rarely put my purse on the floor. But, for some reason, I stopped myself from putting it on the table, and I put it on the floor. NOT normal. When my burger arrived, I stood up to put ketchup on it, packed it back up and headed to my car. I was planning on eating as I drove.

As I drove out of the parking lot, I thought about the gas station next door and I procrastinated. I figured I would just get gas later on. I still had half a tank, and several hours left to drive.

About 40 minutes later, I reached over the passenger seat of my car to get my lip balm out of my purse. My purse wasn't there! I panicked a little and looked around the car. When I didn't find it I took the next exit and pulled over. I looked in the back seat and when it wasn't there, I realized I had left it on the floor in the fast food restaurant.

I was immediately worried! I called a friend to get the phone number for that restaurant and placed a hasty call to ask if my purse was there. They did, in fact, have the purse and were 'fairly sure' that everything was still inside.

I back tracked to the restaurant and claimed my purse, sighing a deep sigh of relief!

It was so interesting, however, that I had such a conscious interaction with placing my purse on the floor. There was some sort of hesitation, but I did it anyway. I had thought a couple times about going to that gas station next door. If I had, in fact, gone to the gas station next door, I would have realized that my purse was gone 3 minutes after leaving it, instead of 40 minutes later!

I thought this was very interesting. It was almost like I was being guided to get gas at this 'abnormal' station for me, so that I would discover my purse error sooner, rather than later, and save myself some hassle. In the moment, procrastinating didn't seem like a big deal, but that decision, and ignoring my nudge to get gas at that particular place, cost me almost an hour and a half in additional driving time! Interesting!

Intuition is a powerful tool that can really help us along our life path. I'm amazed at the reminders that the universe give me! Yesterday was a great reminder to PAY ATTENTION to my inner prompts. They are real and they are valid!

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