Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where's the Key?

A friend of mine recently told me a funny story that, of course, contained a profound message about life!

She had gone out to dinner with some friends and was returning to her house. She opened her purse to take out her keys and couldn't find them. She looked and looked, but the keys were nowhere to be found.

She thought about the key she had hidden outside her house, but realized she had moved it when she had some people doing some work for her. She didn't want them to stumble upon the key and know where she kept her spare, emergency key. That key was not an option.

She went to her neighbor's to get an extra key that she keeps there, also... for emergencies. Her neighbor gave her a key, but it didn't work in either of her locks! It was the wrong key!

My friend was getting very frustrated, and she and her companions were starting to think about the easiest and least destructive way to break in to her own home. She was starting to feel frustrated and upset, when she reached into her coat pocket and guess what she found there? Her keys!

All that time and anguish... and the key was in her pocket the entire time! It really couldn't have been any closer! Yet to her, because it wasn't in 'the usual place' it didn't exist. She was about to break a window to gain access to something that she had the key for!

How often to we do destructive, expensive or unnecessary things to try and gain something we already have... or have access to? We are strange creatures. We often don't know what we have. We are either blinded to it, or we think we need some other form of it, in order to be happy. Often, what we need and want is right in front of us.

Next time you are looking for the key to unlock your happiness, satisfaction, or your front door... don't forget to check your own coat pockets! The answer could be closer than you think!

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