Monday, February 09, 2009

Small World

I had one of those 'weird' experiences yesterday that proves that there is something greater at work in the world than our human understanding can comprehend.

My mom and I were shopping at a mall two days ago in Beaverton Oregon. She needed some cosmetics, so we went to the Lancomb counter at Macy's. A young man waited on us and got the items we needed. He was quite unique looking and very sweet.

I spent the next day with a friend in Portland. We ended up going out to a funky little Cuban restaurant in east Portland to have dinner. This place was probably about a 20 - 30 minute drive way from the mall where I had shopped with my mom the previous day. Imagine my surprise, when my waiter approached the table, and it was the SAME young man who had helped my mom with her makeup purchase at Macy's! I confirmed it was him, and my friend and I marveled at the 'odds' of being waited on by this guy twice, in two completely different situations, in different towns! I'm from Seattle, and this is the first time I've been in Oregon since September, so it's even weirder!

What are the odds? Indeed.

When things like this happen to me, it reminds me clearly that something greater than myself is conducting this orchestra called life. My every move is choreographed. My every encounter is divinely ordained. It is the same for everyone.

I don't believe in accidents, or coincidence. We are always right where we are meant to be, at any given place in time. Imagine if we really believed that!

I'm always grateful when I get these little 'reminders' from the universe!

All is well.

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