Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who Said Life Would Be Easy?

Sometimes, when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I ask myself the question, "Who said life would be easy?"

There seems to be a common belief that things should be easy or smooth if life is going as it should. It just seems to make sense.

Life, however, is a complicated endeavor. We don't necessarily know or understand all that comes our way. If our life experiences are meant for our learning, as I believe they are, then smooth sailing would not necessarily be a given!

Life is filled with all sorts of ups and downs. Life throws us curves we could have never expected. I think THAT is what life is about.

It isn't meant to be smooth sailing and easy. It's meant to be a series of adventures and challenges. Some are pleasant, and some are really difficult. It's all part of our life journey.

Maybe when we stop expecting everything to be smooth and easy... we can get to the business of living life to it's fullest.

Life is... what it is! Embrace the journey. All of it! When we surrender the belief that something is wrong when it's hard - it will all make more sense!

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