Thursday, February 19, 2009

Letting it be Easy

I believe in the power of writing down your goals. I've been setting goals on paper for over 20 years now. I do it at the beginning of every year. My goal setting system is pretty comprehensive. I have life goals, yearly goals, monthly goals and even weekly/daily goals. I take this business seriously!

When you write something on paper, I believe you are committing to it in a deeper way than merely saying it out loud (or in your head). I believe that the universe goes into action in a more powerful way when you commit your goals to paper.

Many times in my life, I've written a goal and actually forgotten that I wrote it down... until it came to pass! It's amazing (and fun) when that happens.

I've had a goal for a couple years now to create a wardrobe of appropriate clothing for platform speaking. I've done a bit of speaking, really enjoy it, and hope to do more. My life and work allow me to dress pretty casually for the most part, so my wardrobe isn't exactly created for this eventuality. I have a couple of outfits that are appropriate for the platforms I seek to speak on, but that's it. I'm not a corporate speaker, so i don't really want to wear business suits. I do have a couple and they are very nice, but they don't really express my authentic self to the world! I prefer something a bit more exotic, but classy and stylish at the same time.

Up until recently, I haven't found items for speaking that really worked for me. There was always something that just wasn't quite right.

My brother gave me a gift card to "Chicos" this Christmas. I used to shop there years ago, but haven't stepped foot in a store for many years. The gift card lured me in, and I stepped in to a world I could not have imagined.

There are so many things in that store that fit my personality and my evolving sense of style. I found oodles of loose, flowy jackets that go over comfortable pants and tops. I was embraced by colors that work well my complexion, hair and eye color. They have jewelry that I love and that complements their outfits perfectly, of course. I spend several hours trying things on, and ended up with several outfits, complete with accessories that will be PERFECT for speaking. It was easy, effortless and fun! Many of the items were also on an incredible sale! How much better can it get?

I had already started stressing about the next time I was asked to speak at a particular church where I've been a couple times before. I was 'out of options' for what to wear! Now, I'll have trouble deciding what to wear because I have so many options! What a difference!

I believe that writing that goal paved the way for me to have this experience. It wasn't a struggle. It wasn't time pressured (to prepare for a speaking engagement). I didn't even go looking for it, consciously anyway! My brother gave me the card... how did he know? I have never mentioned that store to him before and like I said, I hadn't been in there in years! Yet, his gift card led me to the exact place I needed to be in order to fulfil my long held goal. Universal wisdom and divine destiny at work!

Stepping in to this flow of life is as easy as believing it's possible and writing down your goals, dreams and aspirations! Give it a try and prepare to be amazed!

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