Thursday, May 07, 2009

Breaking Out of the Rut

Years ago, I attended a seminar on how to cultivate and encourage my intuition. It was a great class and all these years later, there are a couple of key points that I still remember from it.

The one I'm thinking about today has to do with breaking out of the ruts and routines that we sometimes settle down into. When we let things get stagnant and stale in our lives we close off our minds (and our eyes) to new possibilities. It's so easy to just let things stay the same and get into habits that become our only way of doing things.

The instructor of this class encouraged us to change things around in our lives. Even just little things! I remember him suggesting that we change which leg we put into our pants first, or change the route that we drove to work. Even getting up on the other side of the bed! Any little change that just 'jogs your brain' a bit can really open you up to new ideas and experiences!

I've recently begun 'gently nudging' myself to order different things off of the menus at the places I eat frequently. I have my favorites, but the truth is... I do get a little bored from time to time. Ordering something new (and dealing with the twinge of anxiety I get about whether I'll like it or not) is good therapy for me! Each time I do it, I set the intention that this action will help me see life with new eyes!

I've also ordered a couple DVDs recently to start learning country line dancing and belly dancing! Trying new things is good for the brain!

I encourage you to try some new things and change the way you do a few things. Eat with your non-dominant hand for a meal, try a different type of salad dressing, brush your teeth in the opposite direction from what you normally do. Just do SOMETHING DIFFERENT! See what happens in your world!!

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