Monday, May 04, 2009

Snowball... for a Belly Laugh

In the interest of experiencing more fun and joy in my life, I have to share this with you! I am not the biggest fan of 'cute pet' videos on Youtube. Once in a while you find a good one, but it's not my habit to go hunting for them. Usually people send them to me. I can appreciate them at a certain level, but they just aren't really 'my thing.' Until this one!

I saw this bird, Snowball, a cockatoo, on my local news the other night. It literally can dance to the beat of music, and seems to really get into it! I found myself laughing harder than I have in a long while!

I went on Youtube to find this bird, and found several videos of Snowball rockin' out to different songs. This was my favorite. It's only a little over a minute long, and well worth the watching. Watch it all the way to the end... there is a spectacular finish!

Let this be a 'light moment' in your day... no matter what else is going on for you. You can take a minute and just laugh. It's good for us all to remember that sometimes. Teaching ourselves to pause and enjoy something, even in the midst of life's chores and struggles, is a great skill to cultivate. It makes life a lot more enjoyable!

I give you.... Snowball... rockin' out to the Back Street Boys:

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