Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was mother's day - the day we celebrate the women in our lives who gave us biological birth. The gift of life is a precious gift that we owe to the women who carried us in their own bodies for 9 months. They lived through the discomfort and the inconvenience in order to bring us in to this world. We owe them a debt of gratitude. We simply wouldn't exist without them!

"Mothering" goes way beyond giving physical birth, however. Some women who give birth to children are wonderful, loving and caring mothers. Others aren't necessarily nurturing and caring. Just giving birth does not, in and of itself, make someone a good mother. There is still value in the act (in terms of giving life), but it doesn't mean the person is a great mother in every sense of the word.

Likewise, many women (and men) who never give physical birth to another human being, can be extremely loving, caring and nurturing to others. This too, in my opinion, is a form of mothering. There are many people in my own life, for example, who have supported, encourage and nurtured me in motherly ways. I honor them on this day as well.

Today is a day to celebrate the spirit of mothering. The energy of supporting and nurturing others. Mothers, at their essence, give of themselves to propel others forward. They seek the success of those they love and care about. They sacrifice their own needs at times in order to help and support those they love.

Celebrate the mother who gave you birth, and also celebrate anyone who has given you love, support and nurturing along life's path!

Happy Mother's Day!!