Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Releasing the Dead Weight

My garage cleaning crusade continues! I have put in a large number of hours in the past few weeks cleaning out my junk and spider filled garage. I'm coming close to the end of this time consuming and dirty project. I've found all sorts of scary spiders, and 'evidence' of mice living in and amongst my things! Not pleasant.

I wrote last week about the danger of letting our junk pile up around us... to the point of creating a habitat for undesirable 'stuff.'

What a metaphor this process has been. I've taken two carloads of stuff to the goodwill. The last load consisted of a lot of planters - mostly terra cotta and ceramic. They were all VERY VERY heavy! I used to have a container herb garden (at my old house 9 YEARS AGO) and have never set one up where I live now. I'm not likely to do so, and I decided to let go of all of these planters. I'm sure someone will really appreciate them.

The ceramic planters that I had were all of a style that is no longer mine! I couldn't believe how long I've held on to them... when I don't even like them anymore!! They too were released.

As I helped the man at goodwill unload my car, I allowed myself to feel lighter and lighter as these old, heavy items were released from my life. I no longer needed or wanted them anymore. They no longer fit me or my life. It was time to be free from them. I felt twinges of sadness. I once loved these things. They were once 'my style.' Now they are free to be useful to others, since they are no longer needed in my life.

I did, in fact, feel lighter and more free when I drove away from that place! With each item I release, I feel a sense of increasing freedom and ability to move. I no longer need these parts of my past. They no longer serve me. I bless them, thank them for what they gave me... and I let them go.

This is what I try to do with my life. Once something has outlived its 'season' in my life, it is time to let go. Sometimes it is painful and sad. That doesn't make it any less necessary. Trying to 'go back' or 'stay in the past' doesn't work. We must stay focused in the present, and step in to our future. That is mighty hard to do if we drag along all of our past with us.

With each item (especially the HEAVY ones) that I release from my garage, I visualize that I'm letting go of parts of my past. Experiences, people, pain, disappointment, let downs, ideas, beliefs... whatever it is that no longer fits in my world... I release them as I release these items from my life.

I encourage you to consider cleaning out some corner of your physical world, and let it be a metaphor for your willingness to release ALL that is no longer welcome or needed in your present... or your future. It is really powerful to do a physical process while you declare an intention for your inner life!

Happy releasing!