Friday, May 22, 2009

One Good Decision Can Lead to Another

I saw a commercial on TV this week for Nutrigrain bars. It showed a representation of poor eating habits through the passage of a couple days time. Then, the person eating eats a Nutrigrain bar. The announcer says, "One good decision can lead to another." It then shows the person eating making healthy food choices: drinking water, eating salad, etc.

I LOVED this commercial!! That tag line is so true!

Long ago I realized that when I'm exercising regularly, I seem to naturally gravitate towards healthier eating. If I fall away from my exercise routine, it is easier for me to eat things that aren't normally in my spectrum of dietary choices!

Healthy decisions lead to other healthy decisions. When we feel the benefits of a healthy decision, it often propels us towards other healthy choices so we can see even bigger results.

It the book "French Women Don't Get Fat," Mireille Guilliano advocates making one small dietary change at a time. You select one change to incorporate into your life. An example might be that if you usually drink a large latte every day, you would switch to a small latte each day. Once that felt normal and natural to you, then you choose another change to make. You can improve your eating habits (and lose weight) one small change at a time.

I love this model for change! Selecting one item to address, incorporating it fully and then moving on to another. We can change our lives this way. We can also change the world this way!

What one good choice can you make today to start the ball rolling?