Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Being Taught Patience by "THEM"

I was on my way to hike a few mornings ago, when something happened to me that I always dread.

Soon after I pulled out on the highway, I came to a stop light. There, in front of me, was some sort of landscaping truck.

I sighed.

They would not be driving the speed I normally like to drive. I was virtually certain of it.

That, of course, proved true.

They accelerated slowly from every stop. They drove just under the speed limit. There were no opportunities to pass them.

At each 'logical' place where a landscape truck might need to travel, I kept hoping they would turn off. They didn't.

We went through a little town, they didn't turn off. We passed through a second town. Nope, they were still with me. By the time we went through the third little town, I was amazed. This 'route' from near my home to where we were at that moment didn't seem like a route that made sense for these guys to be traveling.

They were still in front of me as I neared the turn off to the road that would take me to the trail head for my hike. THEY PUT THEIR BLINKER ON!

I seriously couldn't believe it. They were turning down this little country road that leads to the trail I hike! What are the odds!

It gets better!

The truck pulled over right across the road from the trail head where I parked my car.

As I put on my hiking boots, I noticed that the truck turned around and drove back the way we had come! They didn't even need to be there!

I was stunned. Then I started laughing.

I have a real 'problem' with impatience. I am sort of addicted to efficiency. I like for things to run smoothly and quickly. I don't 'wait' well.

It was as though that truck was put on the road that morning... JUST FOR ME! Who knows where those guys were supposed to go? For that 30 minutes (which normally would have taken me 20), they were my 'pilot car' to slow me down and give me an opportunity to practice patience!

Sometimes life puts things in our path that are meant to teach us something about ourselves or give us a chance to 'deal with' something that causes us difficulty in our lives. It never ceases to amaze me how my 'lessons' show up and are presented to me!

This particular day, it was in the form of a slow moving truck of lost landscapers... in my way!

Whoever or whatever is "in your way" today, give it a second look. There is almost certainly a lesson or message in it for you!