Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Different Now

I just took what is likely to be the last hike of my hiking season. Our weather is changing.

Summer is most definitely behind us here in Seattle. That was made abundantly clear to me on this last hike.

That morning, when I set out, I knew that it was going to be cooler than my last several hikes. Summer is over. The change is coming!

I had a long sleeved t-shirt on, instead of my customary sleeveless shirt. I put on my ear covers and gloves. As I started up the hill, I was a little chilly, but soon I was warmed up by the climb and I was OK.

I did notice that my nose was really cold. That was the only difference until I got close to the top.

The wind was whipping! It was freezing cold at the summit! I simply couldn't stay up there. It was too darn cold!

On the way down, without the exertion of the climb to keep me warm, I got very chilled. Finally, I stopped and I put on my jacket. I was much better then. I still could have used a hat. It was still a chilly walk down the mountain.

The last time I did this hike, I was completely sweaty by the time I got to the top. There was no 'getting cold' involved in the experience.

The environment has changed. The experience is different. If I want to hike in this condition and be comfortable, I need different supplies than before. That is called CHANGE.

Sometimes our outer circumstances change. Sometimes it's expected. Other times it's not. Still, we have to deal with whatever comes.

If I had resisted the 'change' I encountered, the entire experience would have been extremely uncomfortable. By adding a different shirt, ear covers, gloves, and a jacket, I was able to meet the demands of the new environment, and still enjoy the hike.

Resist not. When change comes your way, you have two choices. Make it tough on yourself and resist or accept the new situation and adapt. The choice is always ours!