Monday, October 12, 2009

It Always Comes Back Around

I love it when I get clear, concrete examples of spiritual principle in action. It is so reassuring when that sort of confirmation breezes into my life.

I've been enjoying a 'scratch ticket' sweepstakes that has been going on at a restaurant I frequent. They give me a ticket every time I go in to eat, and every ticket is a winner. Some of the prizes are quite small, and others are really great!

I've received a free $18 entree coupon - Cashew Crusted Halibut... here I come! I've also won several free lunches, and a lot of cupcakes! It's really been fun.

A couple weeks ago I won a coupon good for "10% off your total bill." These coupons can't be combined with any other discounts, and I already get 15% off my total bill as a member of a particular club, so the 10% coupon isn't really a winner for me.

They have these restaurants in another state (where the 15% discount isn't available to me) and I recently ate at one of the restaurants in that state with some friends. I didn't realize they were doing the sweepstakes there, so I didn't use my 10% off coupon. I'd already paid the bill, with no discount, when I realized I could have used that coupon!

I love free things, so I was a little disappointed. My friends live close to this restaurant and said they would eat at this place again, so I gave them my 10% coupon. Since I get my 15% at home, I didn't need it. I was happy that they would make use of it. They were pleased. I was pleased. It was a win-win situation.

After I left the restaurant, I remembered that I would be coming back to this same restaurant in 3 weeks - with a big group of family members! I was really bummed when I realized that I could have used that 10% coupon after all. The savings would be substantial for a group that large! I'm embarrassed to say that I briefly thought about asking my friend for the coupon back. Thankfully, I stopped myself!! She had been excited to get it and it would have been really lame to have asked for it back!

A couple days later, at my 'regular' restaurant in my home state, I scratched another ticket and guess what I won? I bet you guessed! "10% off your total bill!" My coupon was restored to me! I didn't 'lose' anything by giving my friend that coupon!

It was a powerful reminder that when we give - we never lose anything! We always receive something when we give. It's a universal law. It's important to realize that, even when it feels like we're 'losing' something as we give it away. We are putting it into circulation. What we give always come back to us in some form or fashion. Often it isn't in the exact same form as what we gave - but we always receive something when we participate in the law of circulation.

The law of circulation is an absolute law of the universe. In fact, if you are in need of something - give something away and see what happens!

Happy giving!