Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let Go... NOW!

Something amazing happened over the past few days.

This past weekend, I was sitting here typing away looking out at the Katsura tree next to my back deck. It was covered with bright yellow leaves. Some of the leaves had turned brown around the edges. Not a single leaf had dropped from the tree yet.

Today I noticed something different about my working spot. There was noticeably more light. I glanced out the window and noticed that the tree outside had dropped ALL it's leaves. I mean, every single leaf!

In 3 days, the tree had dropped all it had. Now that's what I call letting go!

There is a cherry tree fairly near to this Katsura tree in my yard, and it has yet to drop a single leaf. In fact, the leaves haven't even turned colors yet. All the leaves on the tree are still deep, dark green.

I was astonished at the contrast. One tree, turned all it's leaves yellow, then slightly brown and dropped them instantly! The other tree is still all green. It's no where near ready to drop it's leaves.

I got to thinking about the ways that we let go... and the ways that we hold on. Sometimes, some people are able to recognize a moment where they need to let go and they just DO IT! Others need more time to let go. It's a slower, more deliberate process.

I envy the tree that just said, "OH... it's time. Let it GO!" and did so. I want to be more like that tree.

Sometimes it takes longer, and that too, is a lesson. We need to allow what it take to let go of the things in our life that need to be released.

It doesn't hurt to encourage ourselves to let go when necessary... but all trees are different. Some will let go fast and some will take their time.

Attempting to let go easily and quickly is a wonderful goal, but honoring the natural time line we each have is also important.

Letting go is the important thing. How and when isn't nearly as important!