Monday, October 05, 2009

Rejection as Protection

I heard a minister say recently that sometimes "Rejection is God's protection."

This idea really struck me at a deep level.

Who among us has not experienced rejection in our lives? Whether in a romantic context, a friendship, not being chosen for a team or club, not getting a job we wanted - it happens to all of us many times through the course of our life's journey.

What if this is really true? What if maybe we are being protected from something that is actually not the best for us?

Perhaps the person you wanted to have as your partner would have actually treated you badly? What if the job would have sucked the very life out of you? What if making the cheer leading squad way back when might have caused you to develop unhealthy eating habits? Maybe if you'd been 'chosen' for the club you wouldn't have learned how to handle disappointment in a gracious and positive way.

I think this is concept really worth exploring. Perhaps there is a higher wisdom at work in life when 'things don't work out' the way we want them to.

Perhaps we are being protected from our own ideas when we don't get something we think we want.

Looking back on my life, I can certainly see many times where I didn't get what I wanted and later could see that everything had truly unfolded to my highest good.

Sometimes we get to 'see' that and other times we don't.

Maybe part of the journey is learning to trust that if we don't get something, it is for a good reason. Just like a parent doesn't give in to every desire a child has - perhaps we are given what we truly need in life and not just what we want.

Next time you experience some sort of rejection, keep this in mind. Maybe you are being protected - even though it hurts in the moment. Maybe it is, in fact, a blessing!