Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The First Day of Anything

Today is the first day of school where I live. I'm sure that for many kids it is a day of excitement, enthusiasm and yes... a bit of anxiety.

The first day of anything is always a little bit of a mixed bag. No matter how wonderful the event may be, there is always some anxiety mixed in with the good stuff.

It is perfectly normal. It is very rare that we can begin anything new or venture into any new arena without a little trepidation.

New situations and surroundings must be adjusted to. We have to allow ourselves to flounder around a little bit and move through our clumsy beginnings!

To expect ourselves to feel completely confident when we move into a new situation is not realistic. It's normal to feel nervous. If we accept that as a reasonable reality, we are free to allow ourselves to ease into our new experiences.

I can remember a lot of my 'first' experiences. The mixed bag of emotions and sensations are the one constant element that is woven through them all.

Excitement and fear.
Confidence and insecurity.
Enthusiasm and nervousness.
Energy and fatigue.

It's all part of a new experience. Embrace it all!

Whatever new experience you are heading into in your life - remember to make space for the 'first day' jitters as well as the first day fire! It's all part of the journey!