Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unexpected Expenses

In life, we can't predict everything that will happen to us. That is an impossible task.

Today, I had a repairman come to look at my refrigerator. I thought I had a minor problem. $400 later, my 'coolant' is recharged and I'm good to go. I never expected to have to pay $400 to keep my refrigerator running. It's only 9 years old.

Yet, unexpected repairs and expenses are part of life.

I have appointments scheduled for a broken washing machine, and a flaky dishwasher and malfunctioning garbage disposal. It's all part of owning a house and keeping things running smoothly. It is still surprising, and at times, annoying to have unexpected expenses creep into your budget!

My investing teacher talks about 'paying tuition' in order to learn life lessons. Sometimes we learn things in life and it costs us money (or time, energy, pride, etc.)

It's a part of the journey to have things happen in life that are difficult, sometimes painful, and yet always... there is the potential for learning.

That's how I like to look at it. When it doesn't seem to make any sense at all, I just trust that there is a lesson coming to me via the current experience.

Sometimes life gives us feedback on how we are conducting our affairs. Sometimes that 'feedback' costs us in some form or fashion. We can rail against the reality, or we can process our feelings about it, harvest the lesson and move on to be wiser and more educated.

Is life extracting any tuition from you at this time? Have you had any 'unexpected expenses' arise in your life.

Realize it's all part of the process. Take what is yours to learn/take and move forward. It can be something that stops you in your tracks OR... it can be a stepping stone to your greater future! The choice is yours!!