Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Staying Out of the Storm

I had an interesting experience yesterday as I was meditating on my patio. It was a very hot day here in Seattle. I was sitting in the sun to get my much needed daily dose of Vitamin D.

I live in a wooded area, with many tall trees on all sides of my house.

As I sat there meditating with my eyes closed, I became aware that there was quite a wind blowing in the tree tops, high over my head. I was intrigued, because where I was sitting, there was only an occasional gentle breeze brushing against my skin.

How could the wind be blowing so hard above my head, but not be moving through the area I was sitting in. So close... and yet so far.

It made me think about how it is actually possible to be close to drama and yet not get sucked in. We can be close to a bad situation and yet remain calm. We can have chaos going on above us, below us and all around us, and refuse to lose our peace of mind.

Just because something is happening near us or around us, doesn't mean it has to be our direct experience or reality.

I'm thankful that the wind over my head came to remind me of this today. As it blew and swayed the trees back and forth above me, I sat in stillness - inside and out.

May we all cultivate the ability to be close to upheaval and yet remain at peace!