Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hidden Treasures Revealed

I'm in the middle of a really exciting project! I am going through old family photo albums and scanning all the pictures. Getting all the photos into the computer is a great way to preserve and share them. It is a time consuming and laborious task. I know at the end of the road I will have a treasure, but it is a rather tedious task on a moment by moment basis.

There is something, however, that keeps it interesting as I scan photo after photo. Many of the pictures that I'm scanning are really small. Sometimes it is tough to even see who is in the picture.

Each time I scan in a photo, I am able to see it greatly enlarged on my computer screen. On many occasions I have been delighted to see that the subject of the photograph is my father as a young boy! What was basically not visible in the original photograph becomes crystal clear when it is scanned and enlarged by the computer!

The entire family is going to be excited when they see the scanned photos, because so many of the small photos were 'mysteries.' You couldn't really tell who was in them. We have a lot of wonderful photographs, that basically didn't exist to us before I undertook this project. What a gift!

I had no idea that I would have this result. I didn't realize how much I would discover in this process!

The photos were right there in front of me. Looking at them from my ordinary, normal perspective, however, did not reveal the true content within them! I had to enlarge them and look at them up close.

This is a concept that can really help us in life. Sometimes when we look at a situation from our normal, every day perspective, we miss the 'meat' and the 'message.' At a normal 'view' we can't always see what's right in front of us.

If we are having trouble determining the meaning of something that is happening in our life, it is a good idea to look at it from a variety of perspectives. It is also a good idea to look very, very closely to see the details that otherwise might be lost.

Just like enlarging a photograph can reveal previously unseen details, we can look more closely at our life experiences, and change our vantage point in order to see them more clearly.

You might discover the hidden treasure in the midst of a difficult situation! Or you could suddenly gain insight into something that was previously murky and unclear.

Give yourself a new perspective and see what happens!