Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Resistance is Futile

I spent some time at the coast last week. I was showing a friend from Palm Springs one of my favorite places in the world: Cannon Beach Oregon. It is a beautiful and special place.

One of the special features are the tide pools at the base of a big rock formation there. The rock formation is called, "Haystack Rock" because, well, it resembles a haystack!

Tide pools contain all sorts of wonderful sea creatures. I took a lot of photos of the amazing variety of colors and critters in the tide pool.

One starfish really caught my attention. He stood out from all the other dozens of starfish that I saw that day.

Here he is:

Does this look comfortable to you?

He's hanging on, contorting himself to do so. It's clear that he needs to just 'let go' but for some reason, he is resisting. It looks painful!

It looks like he's being bent and twisted into terrible discomfort, all because he will not let go of the rock he's attached to, reposition himself somewhere else and just get on with it!

I have been that starfish, in my life, more times than I care to admit: attached, scared to let go, putting myself in terrible pain and discomfort because of my unwillingness to accept the fact that the time has come to




When the time comes to let go, resistance is futile! We can rail against the tide and forces that are making it clear, but that doesn't change the fact that eventually we will LET GO. Whether we want to or not.

I suggest we learn to let go. When the tide is pounding us into submission. When life is giving us the spiritual 2X4 upside the head... it is time to LET GO.

The sooner we learn to let go, the easier and more peaceful our life will be!