Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Open the Shades & Let in the World

Today I had a special treat. I was trying on clothes in my bedroom in an effort to put together some new outfits. I wanted to have as much light on the subject as possible, so I did something out of the ordinary: I opened the shades in my room. The light made the room much brighter!

As I was trying on clothes in front of the mirror, I noticed something moving in the yard, out of the corner of my eye... it was a black bear!

I've lived here for 9 years. I've never seen a bear in my yard!

I stopped my process, grabbed my camera and started snapping photos. It was really really exciting!

If I hadn't opened the shades, I would have never seen the bear! What a gift I received by opening the shades and letting in the world!

Sometimes we shut ourselves away from the world and don't look at all that is available to us. We may feel like we're doing the right thing... but there is always an alternative!

I believe we are meant to open ourselves fully to life! It takes courage and willingness to step into that experience!

Open your shades today and maybe you'll see something amazing in your life!

Here's my bear!!