Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Fueled Up Tank

You'd think I'd know better. My personal trainer has drilled it into my head that eating a good breakfast is extremely important to my well being. It's valuable every day, but particularly necessary on days when I'm working out or otherwise exercising.

I've been doing a lot of hiking this summer. One of the hikes that I routinely do was tough when I started this season. Now it is fairly easy for me. I hike it a couple times a week and barely feel that I've exerted myself! That's what happens when you condition yourself properly for something.

Yesterday, however, I forgot to eat anything before I set out on the hike. Boy, did I pay for that mistake in judgement!

I struggled a lot more than usual. I felt extremely low energy. The hike was not nearly as enjoyable as it usually is. Every step was an effort. This is not my usual experience on this hike.

I had already come to believe the wisdom of eating breakfast every day. When I got into that routine, I lost some weight and my workouts certainly went better. I believed that it was true, after a life time of doubting that old adage.

But yesterday, when I found myself struggling with what is normally an easy hike, it was crystal clear to me how important it is to have my fuel at the proper level before I exert myself. Essential even!

It translates to other areas of life as well. It is important to have the proper supplies for any endeavor that we undertake. If you try to do something without having the resources that you need, you are unlikely to succeed. It is very important to honor this as a law of the universe and act accordingly.

Make sure you prepare for your endeavors, whatever they may be. Pack the proper provisions. Fill the needed fuel tanks. Don't go on an empty tank. Fill it up and head out!

Proper preparation is essential to success!